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About Ms. Vee

Veronica (Ms. Vee) Thornton


Ms. Vee is the owner and Lead Consultant of  Vee's Consulting a creative consulting business specializing in community collaborations, relationship building, project management, program develpment facilitation, and data collection. She has worked in with organizations which include but are not limited to Assembly for the Arts, Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland and The Creative Healing Foundation. Vee's Consulting assist businesses, artists and nonprofit organizations with finding and implementing creative solutions that will assist them in meeting and fulfilling the needs of their clients by using Viable, Efficient and EffectiveSolutions in an ever changing market that requires creativity for businesses to better serve their clientele. Vee's Consulting also offers custom made workshops, notary and other need based services.

Veronica Thornton, also known as Vee, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of creative business consulting and community advocacy, serving as the visionary owner of Vee's (Viable, Efficient & Effective Solutions) Consulting. With a genuine commitment to making a positive impact, she dedicates her expertise to fostering growth and development among artists, nonprofit organizations, and creative small businesses.


Vee's role as a community and artist advocate has led to her current role as a consultant working with Assembly for the Arts which has allowed her to use her varied skill set and knowledge base to spread awareness to the community and artists about various opportunities, resources and initiatives managing projects like the American Rescue Plans Act  (ARPA) outreach to inform the Greater Cleveland community about funds for artists as well leading the Arts and Economic Prosperity 6(AEP6) project in Cuyahoga County in partnership with Americans for the Arts which is to show the economic impact arts and cultural events have on local communities. She also assists the Assembly team with program development, and community relations. As an artist herself part of her goal is to help find and create career pathways for artists as well as assist artists in finding ways to monetize their craft through cross-sectors like Arts in Health, Arts in Education and Community Development. She has worked on numerous initiatives with Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland, organizing impactful financial literacy workshops throughout the city and other community initiatives, conversations and projects in partnership with organizations that have included The St. Luke's Foundation and The Center for Community Solutions.  Part of Vee's mission is to create safe spaces for dialogue and healing, with a particular focus on addressing mental health and trauma within the black community. Collaborating with The Creative Healing Foundation, she skillfully harnesses the power of creativity to promote healing by touching lives in profound ways.  Her dedication to community extends to promoting civic literacy, where Vee partners with a small group of community organizers to raise awareness and bridge the gaps in access to essential resources and opportunities that sometimes limits civic engagement.


 Beyond her consulting work, Vee is a published author with two thought-provoking books of poetry, "Universal Colloquies Inside of Me" (2015) and "Train of Thoughts" (2021). Her poetic talent has also led her to contribute to over ten poetic anthologies, including the collaborative masterpiece "Fire & Ice," unifying poets from across the nation. Notably, she has also contributed to a book for domestic violence victims titled "Love Shouldn't Hurt" while sharing inspiring stories from the community in various local publications and has been featured in The 2016 Ohio Poetry Association's journal "Common Threads".  She has also served on various grantmaking,selection and research committees as well as advisory boards.


At the heart of it all lies Vee's unyielding belief in the power of community, collaboration, and creativity. She sees art as the unifying thread that connects us all, creating spaces that embrace diversity and allow people to authentically be themselves. Through her unwavering passion, Vee continues to drive her efforts towards a more connected, equitable, and enriched world, where the transformative potential of art and advocacy pave the way for lasting change.

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