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About Ms. Vee

Veronica (Ms. Vee) Thornton

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Veronica Thornton —  affectionately known in the community as “Ms. Vee” — is a multi-media artist, writer, changemaker, problem-solver, and connector. “Art is just my thing,” she says when asked about her passion for building community through writing, painting, photography, and program development.

Led by intuition, education and experience, Ms. Vee’s consulting services are dedicated to uniting and uplifting communities through the power of creativity and art. She does this by partnering with nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies to foster inclusive spaces for community dialogue, civic engagement, and creative collaboration to address issues. 


Vee has led numerous initiatives to support artists and bring people together through arts and culture across sectors. Current and former clients include Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland, The Creative Healing Foundation, and Assembly for the Arts, these collaborations included professional development for artists while also connecting them with resources and opportunities to monetize their craft and through her advocacy enabled Cleveland-area artists to attend a national conference hosted in Cleveland with discounted admission, removing financial barriers to participation allowing them to explore the field of arts in health.

Investing in the arts and helping nonprofit organizations tap into the potential of artists as drivers of community change is at the center of Ms. Vee’s consulting practice. She led the Arts & Economic Prosperity (AEP6) a nationwide study measuring the economic contribution of arts in Cuyahoga County, as part of the largest and most inclusive study of its kind ever conducted, that focused on 387 participating communities from across the country thanks to partnerships with Americans for the Arts.

Ms. Vee is also dedicated to tackling challenging issues like mental health and trauma through curated art integrated programs. As a connector, she helps raise awareness of community resources to increase civic participation, empower marginalized groups and bridge divides through inclusive arts initiatives.

Click here to contact Ms. Vee and discover the potential of arts and equitable community building

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