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Stuck on a problem?
We can assist your business by creating viable solutions!

Program Development

Let's develop a plan together that aligns with your mission and vision to better serve your clients.

Project Management

Let us help you stay on track and get to the goal.

Community Relations & Outreach

Creating & Building inclusive community engagement through relationship building.

Data Collection

Need to know who is using your services, where and why they need your services.  We can assist with getting that data.


Facilitation and Public Speaking services available for small or large groups on a variety of subject matters.  

Resource Finder

No one can do it alone.  There are people and organizations that can assist you.


We research and develop Viable, Efficient & Effective Solutions for your needs.

Vee's Consulting

Vee's Consulting is a Creative business consulting agency specializing in community collaborations, relationship building, project management, facilitation, training, writing services and data collection . Assisting artists, creative businesses and nonprofit organizations with creative solutions that will assist them in meeting and fulfilling the needs of their clientele by using Viable, Efficient and Effective Solutions in an ever changing market that requires creativity for businesses to better serve their clientele. We also offer notary services and other need based services for your professional needs .

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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Solution-Based Approaches

Core competencies

Facilitation, Program Development, Creative Problem solving, Project Management, Data Collection, Community Outreach, Collaborations and Relationship building.

A few past successes

Successfully facilitated several financial literacy, proposal writing workshops for community based nonprofit organizations – Data Collection and distribution of community engagement surveys for funding organizations to increase equity & inclusion, data collection for a national arts council to show the economic impact arts & culture has on local communities, successful program development, grant writing and administrative consulting for local art based startup nonprofit organization. Assisted local creative entrepreneurs with expanding their network and increasing their visibility while providing business coaching to organize business structures and expand on untapped resources allowing them to increase their revenue by over 30% within a one year period.  Also increased engagement for a local arts council along with creating and developing various programs while managing various projects to advance the mission of the organization.

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